Hey, I’m Ian Loomer

I build creative workflows, teams, and studios.

How can I help?

I have a passion for creative operations, workflows,
and agency management.

Creative Consultation

Working on a project? Hiring a team? Building a studio? I support SMB's to enterprise teams in all stages of the creative process to leverage internal assets and external opportunities.

Workflows and Automations

Make work, work for you. We collectively audit your team or process to identify roadblocks and implement new workflows, strategies, software, and automations to create a high performing creative team.

XR Development

Need help in the metaverse? Looking to create an XR experience? VR and AR is the future of interactive and engaging experiences. I support teams from ideation and inception to final deliverable and activation for interactive content and immersive storytelling.

Business Operations

Looking for support so you can stay creative?
I help with contract and legal management, HR processes, IT and Cybersecurity implementation, team and vendor onboarding management, accounting, facility management, and marketing operations.

Event Management

Need support on your upcoming event? In-person, livestream, or zoom conference; I've done it all. From location and sets, to scheduling and catering, to video production and livestreaming. I help make your event the stand-out success we all know it is.

Video Production Management

From script to screen, I support companies in video content creation for commercial, marketing, and internal communication. I fill the gaps in ideation, content writing, on-set production, post, final deliverable, and even marketing activation or release.

About me

I like to build things.
Ideas. Workflows. Productions. Teams. Studios.

Occasionally a bookshelf.

Often an Old Fashioned.

More about me

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VP Growth, Studios, Ops

Jan 2018 - March 2022

I strategically align departments across the organization to inspire the talent and creativity of our people, leverage our operational excellence, and support our customers throughout the creative process.

Vice President

Jan 2018 - March 2022

I oversaw a ground up design and build of a 3M cutting edge production facility. Today I manage day to day operations, support marketing and growth operations, and oversee an amazing studio and produciton team.

Vice President

June 2020 - Present

The DPA is a Non-profit in the DFW area supporting local producers, production personnel, and businesses with monthly networking opportunities, educational events, speakers and panels, and membership benefits.

Public Speaker, Consultant

Catch me talking about Mindfulness in Cyber Security at SXSW, unleashing VR on our team at VRAR Global, or how cybersecurity doesn't have to kill creativity at AWE. I love sharing what I have learned.

Selected work