The Dallas Producers Association
November 2022

DPA Membership Website


Website Automation


Webflow, Memberstack, Airtable,


Functional Membership Website

Project Overview

The Dallas Producers Association is a non-profit membership organization that focuses on education and advocacy for members of the commercial and video production community. It's been around since 1978 with it's first website launching sometime in 2002. Since then the organization and the website has gone through many changes and updates as needs and technology changed.

The website at time of inception was a wordpress based website utilzing a variety of plugins with initial payments running through paypal and subsequent follow up renewal payments being sent via Quickbooks.

The goals of the website refresh were:

  • Update the website look and feel
  • Update the membership database options
  • Deeper integration with a payment processing system for automatic online renewals
  • Create an automation processes in the backend to alleviate manual/repeatable effort.
  • Keep a relative cost under 10k for all work.


The design and initial build out of the overall website was awarded to the agency BitBranding. They consulted on the overall layout, tools, and design and did a phenomenal job with the base website.

Modern Creative Ops came in with the overall structure for membership workflows and backend automation of the membership portion of the site. To accomplish this we used web based no code tools.

  • Memberstack v1 - This acts as the overall management for membership plans as well as the member dashboard for users.
  • Stripe - Memberstack utilizes stripe as it's payment processor. This allows the DPA to stay separate from user financial data as well as setup recurring yearly payments.
  • Airtable - This acts as the core member database as well as the intermediary between Memberstack and the Webflow CMS. Board member functions like member approvals happen in Airtable and are reflected through the rest of the Automation chain.
  • - It's duct tape for the internet and the low code tool used to create an automation workflow to maanage the member processes.
  • Zapier - Similar to Make. I use both in tandem for different websites and goals. As a non-profit, pricing is a concern so utilizing base levels for both makes it affordable.
  • Jetboost - A great tool that supports several deep functions in webflow like collection list organization.
  • ElfSight - A support tool for webflow that has lots of social plugins to automate reposts from social media on the webflow site.
  • Uploadcare - The tool used to have drag n' drop logo uploads in the signup processes
  • Mailchimp - Email marketing tool for newsletters and communication.
The new member approval workflow
The New Member approval workflow

The overall construction of the backend is as follows.

  1. A prospective member visits the website and signs up via a webflow form connected to Memberstack
  2. Memberstack initiates payment via stripe.
  3. Airtable pulls the data from Memberstack into it's database.
  4. Airtable sends an automated message to the prospective member about the impending vote on approval.
  5. A board member must manually trigger approval in Airtable.
  6. Once a member is approved, a webhook in Make searches for the airtable record then pushes the data through to the webflow CMS for posting. It has a recursive function to send the SLUG data back through airtable to memberstack so that all data across webflow, airtable, memberstack is identical.
  7. The member profile is officially posted to the website via this automation and is viewable by anyone on the site.
  8. Once everything has been added to all databases, emails are sent to the board verifying the approval, as well as to the member letting them know of the approval.


The DPA website refresh rollout has seen an increase in several different aspects.

  • 90% adoption rate of new member process.
  • Over 30 new members since January 2023
  • A 50% reduction in overdue member outreach.